• 100 Waard

    One in a hundred Look on a map one hundred years ago, and we’re in the heart of Holland. Today we’re just over half an hour's drive from the extrovert eccentricities of Amsterdam, the raw boldness of Rotterdam, and the joi de vivre of Breda and Brabant. Many of the people who come to the Alblasserwaard are visitors, rushing through on motorways that carve across the landscape as though the most important places to be are beyond the horizon. To the Tripadvisor tourist there are seemingly few reasons to pause and invest time in this gap on the map. An insignificant patchwork of polders, anchored by ancient cities and small villages. In the Alblasserwaard it is not the attractions and the buildings that tell the stories, it is the people. Bram van der Wal and Ferry Verheij invite you into the homes and hearts of 100 years of history, and 100 lives. And whatever you feel as you turn the pages, whether you see faces or places that you know and love, or whether it reminds you of a childhood, a moment, or a loved one, there can be only one response that fits the Alblasserwaard. Best.